Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Blog

Dear Friends,

It seems that my was attacked by something big and dangerous called VIRUS.
I've created a new blog for us to keep on rocking the PRADA world =)
Please go to

Friday, July 3, 2009

Coach Duffle Tote


Pics credit to ebay
pre-orders welcome from now till 9 July 09 only
Style No. 13358
Measurement : 13"L x 10"H
Price RM580.00 inclusive S&H

1. kak dayang

Monday, June 29, 2009

Coach Charm Bracelet


every time i walks in coach stores
will go straight to bags [clearance corner] to be exact~!
and for the not so first time i peek-a-boo the jewelry counter
saw this :)
gold plated chain-link bracelet
you know the drill
dont email me if you dont like it ;P

price is RM580.00 inclusive and handling
its yours at RM450.00 when you buy any Coach handbag from this blog
what say you ya~!??

1. booked by inaz
2. booked by kartini

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coach - Zoe in the house~!!!!

style no. 12776
patent leather large zoe
RM1,210.00 inclusive shipping and handling

style no. 12674
signature large zoe
RM1,210.00 inclusive shipping and handling

style no. 12735
patent leather medium zoe
RM1,050.00 inclusive shipping and handling

Coach - Hampton Signature Lunch Tote

style no. 13077
measurement 12"L x 11"H
its yours at RM880.00 inclusive shipping and handling

the trademark tag


buy matching purse for less price
lunch tote + purse = RM1,200.00 inclusive shipping and handling
click here for more pics on matching purse

sold to kamal

1. sue
2. m.tay

Opt Art Coated Canvas Leah Tote

style no. 13142
available colors [pink n brown]
measurement 12.5"L x 10.5"H
each at RM850.00 inclusive shipping and handling
offer ends 1 July 09
email me asap coz stocks limited

1. pink available
2. brown booked by ct.fatimah

each comes with dustbag

each comes with dustbag

Coach - Sig Slim Env Purse

outside zip coin pocket
internal view
back view
front view


style no. 41525
measurement : 7.5"L x 4"H
color khaki/camel
RM580.00 inclusive shipping and handling

check out matching bag at only RM1,200.00 inclusive shipping and handling
click here

Coach - Zoe Patent Accordian Zip Around Purse

style no. 41868
measurement: 8"L x 4"H
lilac n pink colors available
dont ignore these patent leather~!!!
i repeat... peeps.. these are patent leather
sifu for cleanliness
easy to clean
hard to get dirt on
dont think too long
stock limited at store
i hv one unit each
RM580.00 inclusive shipping and handling

email me ASAP~!!!

1. pink booked by ct.fatimah

pre-orders welcome~!!! (while stock last)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Help

Dear Coolies,

I have been browsing the www looking for baju raya for my family.
Just wonder if you have any link in mind so I can buy online?

Appreciate it so much =))))

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Square Patchwork Denim Scarf

measurement: 27" x 27"
only 1 unit
suitable to make tudung too
RM280.00 only inclusive shipping and handling

booked by most gurl [18June09]

Coach Signature Lunch Tote Lemon
Style # 13077
measurement 12"L x 11"H
RM880 inclusive shipping and handling

1. sold to faridah [paid 18June09]
2. sold to mai [paid 18June09]
3. sold to siti.n [paid - 18June09/22June09]
4. booked by haslina [paid - 19June09/30June09]
5. sold to shaminie [paid 26June09]

pre order:

1. booked by zuriawati

Coach Signature Stripe Convertible Bag Tote Kaki/Mahogany
Style # 13674
measurement 11"L x 12"H
RM880.00 inclusive shipping and handling

1. sold to mida (with deposit RM100)
2. sold to liza
3. sold to ayu
4. sold to neea.t
5. sold to mai
6. sold to fairuz
booked by nisa [deposit RM180.00 paid - 19June09]
8. sold to marlena [paid-30June09]

1. booked by ct.aishah
2. booked by zuriawati

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Clearance Sale


it made me dizzy every time i saw old stocks
help me clear them pls!
i cant return them coz i lost the receipt =(
if u find any of the items below beyond captivating
pls email me asap k
im not sure how long the clearance sale will be
i guess while stock last?
or until i figure out other ways =)

check out low low low sale/clearance prices:

important note~ i hv several queries on items below and the first one to confirm will be hers

Coach Patchwork Cosmetic Case RM290.00

Coach Heritage Card Case RM300.00

Coach Resort Art Cosmetic Case RM290.00

E.Aigner Creme Handbag RM290.00
booked by Z.Zain

JS Brown Handbag RM290.00
booked for didie (e-zani)

AX Necklace RM50.00

1 sold to hotmama
1 booked yanie
2 booked by ct.aisyah
1 nia booked for nia

E.Aigner Creme Pouch Blue Strap RM110.00

booked by rinie
waitlist by siti

E.Aigner Sweet Caramel Pouch RM110.00

booked by rinie
waitlist by dina

Coach Soho Pebble Leather Creme RM400.00

sold to nana

Coach Legacy Signature French Purse RM300.00

sold to Missy X

E.Aigner Lilac Crossbody RM110.00

booked by Anne

Coach Ergo Signature Khaki/Berry RM650.00

sold to Missy X

LC Purple Handbag RM200.00

sold to salwana

Corelle Shadow Iris 39-pc set RM600.00

booked by Kartini

Corelle Bamboo Leaf 32-pc RM500.00
booked by Kak Mas

CK Messenger Bag RM190.00

booked by CTAishah

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coach Outlet

here are some of many designs currently available kat coach outlet store
do email me ur preferred designs and i will buy for you
check out gallery tote in tempting colors~!!!
plus patwork carly is a must have~!!!!
pre-order concept coz i cant buy all of them
[pics courtesy of ebay]

patchwork carly in khaki/pink

1. zatil
2. zatil's friend

patchwork carly in blue/denim
style 13720 at RM950.00

patchwork swingpack in khaki/pink
style 42776 at RM510.00

sold to zatil

leah patern wristlet in black/pink/green
style 42353 at RM320.00

sold to zatil (green)

galley tote in black

galley tote in rossy
style 12839 at RM1,150.00

in gray optic
style 13761 at RM950.00

galley tote in khaki/pink
style 13762 at RM950.00

sold to zatil

hampton satchel in khaki/rose

hampton satchel in khaki/black
style 13812 at RM1,150.00

10% discounts on any one item above
offer end 20th June 09

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coach Soho Patent Large Hobo Style 12687 [Dark Brown]

with dust bag
soft interior color
adjustable strap
your middle name [luxury]
your first name [classy]

take note ladies

this is patent leather!!!

i repeat – PATENT LEATHER!

known as water and dirt resistant

perfect =)

plus its spacious [laptop is welcome inside]

suitable for any occasion

and is designed to bring out the lavish style in you

check out retail price at US$398++ [RM1,400.00++]

its yours at only RM980.00 inclusive shipping and handling

inside zip pocket

cellphone/multifunction pockets

outside slip pocket

zip-top closure

gorgeous crinkle patent leather (just wipes clean!)

fabric lining

29" strap

14" drop

length 15.5" x height 12 3/4" x width 4 1/4"

sold to adilah